Of course, all work and no play will make even the most diligent student crazy, which is why Studio A provides its residents with quite a number of recreational facilities, so that the students and other residents of the building can have a place to relax and unwind.

First of all, there is the pool area. The swimming pool is located on the amenities level of the Studio A, which is on the seventh floor of the building, which means that as you lounge around in the cooling water, you also have a stunning view of the entire city. There are also lounge chairs beside the pool for when you just want to take a nap while enjoying the weather outside.

The Studio A also has its own, fully-furnished fitness center. It is not enough for students to just train their minds. They need to have a healthy body too so they can keep up with their studies. The fitness center in Studio A has its own weights room for when you want to pump iron and build muscle, and there are also other exercise machines for training the other muscle groups. The fitness center also holds regular yoga and aerobics classes.

If you just want to lounge around the building, then there are several pocket gardens in the amenities area. You can take a seat in one of the benches and just meditate while looking at the landscaped gardens. There is also a large social hub at the main lobby of the building. Here, you can entertain your guests, hang out with your neighbors, or just sit and relax by yourself in the large couches.

There is also a huge indoor study hall inside Studio A. Students can invite their classmates over and have study sessions in the study hall if they cannot fit inside the residential unit. The study hall has lots of wide desks and chairs, so students can work on their homework and their projects with ease. There is also a small cafe near the hall in case the students need a quick caffeine fix. If the weather outside is nice, then there is also an outdoor study space.

To top things off, there is an open Wi-Fi access in the entire amenities area. This means you can check your social media accounts whether you are just lounging around the pool, working out, or having a break in the study hall. Aside from the recreational amenities, the Studio A also provides the basic services that you can expect in a condominium. There is a team of security guards and dozens of security cameras to keep watch over the residents and keep them safe.

There are also fire alarms in every residential unit and along the corridors to alert the residents in case of fire. The building is also professionally managed and provides services such as laundry, housekeeping, and handyman services for a nominal fee. In addition, the lower floors of the building will be leased to commercial establishments, so you can expect that there is at least one convenience store, coffee shop, and other kinds of commercial establishment right inside the Studio A compound.

  • G/F
  • Nursery Room
  • Social Hub
  • Message Boards
  • 7th Floor Amenity Area
  • Fully-equipped Fitness Center
  • Yoga/Dance Studio
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sun Deck
  • Pocket Gardens
  • Male and Female Changing Rooms
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